Cost is a major factor when planning a school or youth trip, especially when parents are being asked for contributions.. A single deck 70 seat coach is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly option that also allows for easy supervision of the passengers. Able to transport two average size school classes plus adults in one vehicle, a 70 seat coach offers maximum capacity.  It does not suffer from the same vehicle access restrictions as a similar capacity, double-deck vehicle may encounter on the road or at a venue.

70 seater coach for school transport

Farnham Coaches’ 70 seater fleet comprises a 3-seat and 2-seat arrangement either side of the aisle.  This means they are spacious with more leg room than other 70 seat configurations.  The vehicles are fitted throughout with 3-point diagonal seat belts. Each coach also features PA, CD and/or a DVD/radio system, air conditioning and an ample luggage area.

Next to walking and cycling, coaches provide a low carbon way to travel. All Farnham Coaches’ 70 seater coaches meet low emission standards and are either Euro 4 or Euro 6 emissions level certified, which means they are fully London Emission Zone compliant and able to travel to all venues in and around the capital.